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Kerri Friday February 23, 2018
What a wonderful surprise!!!! Beautifully finished pieces... Thank you for making my stitch work come alive with your sewing work... I could have never done it... I will be sending more your way!!!!
Maureen Appleton-Sorenson - The Heart's Content, Inc. Thursday March 30, 2017
Hands Down!!! By far the most intuitive and creative finisher I have ever experienced with my designs. EVER! Dawn is truly the best for such unique and clever finishing creations. I sincerely trust her with my most delicate design efforts. Her ideas make us all look good, and it is like Christmas morning when a package arrives from A Sweet Stitch. Dawn's timely manner keeps my business flowing. One of my most favorite of her characteristics is her sincere friendliness in which she handles everything. I am honored to say that Dawn and I share a real kindred friendship. You will certainly not ever regret sending your treasured stitching to Dawn for a most creative and pleasing finish.
Sharry McDermith Wednesday March 22, 2017
OMG thank you so much, I love all of my pieces. You did an incredible job!!! I will never finish any of my pieces again, your quality is out of this world, thank you. Now I need to do some stitching so I can have you finish more!
Marilyn Karlgaard Wednesday January 4, 2017
Dawn, I just want to tell you how much your work was admired at Christmas. Everyone loved the pieces I gave them (finished by you). Your detailed finishing was fabulous. I wish you could have heard all the "Oh look, how pretty" that was going around the room. Your work is just wonderful.
Geri Ridenhour Sunday November 8, 2015
The day I found Dawn was the best day of my needlework experience. The care and extra attention she takes in finishing my ornaments is so far beyond what I expected and hoped for. Her work makes me eager to start my next project! No more waiting months for my ornament to arrive, no more lack of communication from a finisher, no more low satisfaction with a high price tag.
Renee Thursday September 24, 2015
Dawn does a wonderful finishing job! The finished product is always just perfect! She is so kind to communicate with her customer, and I am always pleased to know she has received my order, gives an expectation for completion and packs carefully for a safe return. She does not disappoint!
Vanessa Roper Thursday April 24, 2014
I just received my first finished items from Dawn and I am ecstatic with them! She has wonderful attention to detail and magical sewing skills. Everything is perfect, right down to the packaging! If you are looking for a person to finish your work, Dawn is that person.
Amy - Down Sunshine Lane Wednesday March 19, 2014
Have to tell you all that Dawn did some finishing for me and it was FANTASTIC - could not be more pleased with what she did! Thank you again, Dawn!
Melody Wednesday March 20, 2013
I am so happy with the items that Dawn finished for me. She does beautiful work. She communicated with me about what I wanted and kept me informed of the progress.
Cheryl VanDenberg Tuesday November 13, 2012
Just gotta tell you how happy I was with the tin you finished for me! It was exchanged and now lives in Missouri! I can't wait to finish something again and send it your way! You rock! I told all my friends! Thank you very very much!!
Linda Z Tuesday September 25, 2012
Dawn has finished several of my pieces and I just received another package from her in the mail today. I couldn’t wait to open it up and see them. I LOVE how she finished my pieces. The finishing is perfect. She takes such great care into everything that she does – right down to the way she packages everything up to ship.
Petra Wednesday February 8, 2012
Love love love the finishing she has done on my pieces. I can't put into words how perfect everything is. I will admire the treasures for years to come and I look forward to stitching up more things to have you finish. It's motivating me to stitch more! Thank you!